Underworld: Awakening Reviewed

If there is one thing I love it’s badass chicks beating the crap out of people, or, in this case, people and Lycans. My friends told me to be honest (most of them thought it was the worst of the four Underworld movies) and it’s true that there was virtually no plot line in Underworld:… Continue reading Underworld: Awakening Reviewed

Best Nerdy Cakes Ever

I’m not gonna lie, I’m more of a pie girl than a cake girl…Mmmmmm…rhubarb….but one thing that cake has going for it that pie doesn’t is it’s artistic possibilities.  Seriously, you can do ANYTHING with cake.  As a Food Network afficianado I know this for a fact. A friend recently sent me a photo of… Continue reading Best Nerdy Cakes Ever

Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl: Klingon Blood Wine

Nothing says “party” like a large punch bowl full of fresh blood wine. Blood Wine is the favorite alcoholic beverage of the Klingons, a race of warrior aliens from the planet Qo’noS.  Originally an enemy of the Federation, the Klingons have been allies for quite some time.  Just don’t ask them about how their foreheads went from being smooth… Continue reading Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl: Klingon Blood Wine

The Nerdy Nine – In Memoriam 2011

It’s that time of year again. The time when we pay homage to those who passed away in 2011. Last year I wrote an In Memoriam post that turned out to be very therapeutic for me because I wrote about the loss of my step-dad. It’s been over a year now and I still can’t… Continue reading The Nerdy Nine – In Memoriam 2011