About the Nerd

My name is Tracy.  Also known as princesstrek.  Also known as “that hot nerd girl.” Nerd is the word.  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, comic books, you name it, I love it.  I read it, I watch it, I write it.  If I could, I would transport myself to the year 2350 in a nanosecond.  This is for people who enjoy talking nerd as much as I do.

For decades we’ve been an endangered species.  Hot nerd girls and geekettes secretly reading HG Wells and Ray Bradbury.  Sneaking copies of Watchmen into our Barnes and Nobles bags.  Watching reruns of Star Trek recorded onto old VHS tapes labeled “As the World Turns.”

It was a man’s world we lived in.

I remember getting critical looks in the comic book store and being told by people at Star Trek Conventions that “people who look like you don’t come here.”

Well, obviously we do asshole.

In the last few years this has finally started to turn around.  The popularity of ComicCon, Harry Potter, and, yes, Twilight (mock if you must) have helped nerd girls come out of their shells.

I was never really into shells.

I’ve been out my whole life.  Unafraid to wear my Starfleet uniform to school (ASB even requested I wear it once in High School).  Able to spout nerd rhetoric at a seconds notice.  I couldn’t remember how to do trigonometry but I could tell you what episode of TNG it was just from hearing a single line of dialogue.  I was never mocked or teased.  Most people thought it was pretty cool actually.

The Age of the Nerd Girl has begun.  We happily wait in line to see the first preview of The Avengers.  We spend $60 buying Red Dead Redemption the day it comes out.  We flock to conventions in droves wearing cute little outfits and allowing slobbering geek boys to take pictures of us.

I’ll tell you a secret; We love nerd boys just as much as you love us.

So ask a nerd girl out.  Don’t assume that they’re taken.  They’ll let you down gently if they are and then talk Star Wars with you.  We have hearts of gold and brains to back them up.

And, yes, my boobs are real.

Want to know more?

Have something nerdy you’d like to share?  HNG can be reached at princesstrek@hotmail.com

(depending on how busy I am it can take a little while for me to respond but I promise I will!)