Red Dawn reviewed

I was sick with a cold (courtesy of my 4-year-old nephew) for most of the Thanksgiving holiday (yay me) so I pretty much laid low for three days and drank Dr. Pepper (just what the Doctor ordered), downed DayQuil, and read copiously (a book a day, but who’s counting). But I did manage to sneak out and catch… Continue reading Red Dawn reviewed

Long Beach Comic Con wrap-up 2012

I love Long Beach Comic Con because it’s still small enough that comic books are the main focus. San Diego Comic Con is great, with it’s giant movie and TV show panels but it’s nice to be able to get back to the roots of what comic cons started as…a place to nerd out over your favorite artists… Continue reading Long Beach Comic Con wrap-up 2012

Fun times at ye olde Ren Faire

The crew: HNG, Brett, Hannah, Rob, Jai, Karen, Jason It’s no secret that I love a good festival. So when my friend Jason told me that a group of friends were going to meet up at a local Renaissance Faire on Saturday I got really excited. I don’t usually dress up for festivals but the group of… Continue reading Fun times at ye olde Ren Faire