HNG Podcast #12 – The Walking Dead, part 1

HNG podcast 12. Darcy and I just had to talk about what’s been going on the last couple of weeks on AMC’s The Walking Dead leading up to this Sunday’s season finale. Topics discussed: the creepiness that is Bob and the potential conspiracy theory about him, why Lizzy had to go, and fog vs. dark tunnel: which… Continue reading HNG Podcast #12 – The Walking Dead, part 1

ConDor 2014

1966815_627051977344112_932167401_n First off, my apologies for severely neglecting my blog. I couldn’t believe it when I looked back and realized that my last post was *GASP* January 31st. Almost two months without a fresh post is entirely unacceptable no matter how crazy and hectic my life may be. You stay on your side of the… Continue reading ConDor 2014