You sunk my Battleship!

I use to play Battleship with my brother for hours on end when we were kids. Moving our little red pegs around and gleefully shouting “you sunk my battleship!” It was a fun way to connect with our Dad when he was off on WestPacs. We kept it readily available at all times as demonstrated… Continue reading You sunk my Battleship!

Avengers Assemble!

OMFG. I don’t know how else to adequately describe how much I loved this movie. I saw The Avengers twice in 2 days.  The first time after an epic all-day Marvel Movie Marathon with my NBFF Geek Outlaw. And the second time on Sunday morning with my Mom and SO. Afterwards we went to Smash Burger… Continue reading Avengers Assemble!

Hungry for some Hunger Games (movie edition)

Ok seriously, I don’t know wtf was up with the audience in my theatre but I couldn’t tell if I was there to watch a movie or at a meeting of the World’s Smallest Bladder Club.  I think the four people in our group were the only people in the entire theatre that didn’t get… Continue reading Hungry for some Hunger Games (movie edition)

Underworld: Awakening Reviewed

If there is one thing I love it’s badass chicks beating the crap out of people, or, in this case, people and Lycans. My friends told me to be honest (most of them thought it was the worst of the four Underworld movies) and it’s true that there was virtually no plot line in Underworld:… Continue reading Underworld: Awakening Reviewed

Immortals (sort of) Beloved

Here’s the thing.  Does this movie have a pretty basic plot?  Yes.  Is it full of pretty young people?  Yes.  Is it worth paying the $12 ticket price?  I think so. I’ll admit that I liked Immortals much more than the two other people I attended it with and it’s probably because of the gratuitous violence… Continue reading Immortals (sort of) Beloved

Going apeshit for Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I’m officially based out of San Diego now and Saturday morning I started the daunting task of unpacking everything I own.  Which is a lot of crap.  Ugh.  But it’s awesome crap that I’m not willing to throw or give away so whatever.  Thanks to my OCD and my constant pursuit of organizational perfection, it… Continue reading Going apeshit for Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Guest Review! Cowboys & Aliens!

As y’all know (I may have mentioned it once or thrice) I’m in the process of moving to San Diego and my life is in limbo while I finish up my work in Los Angeles.  Therefore, my BNF (Best Nerd Friend) Hayden and his lovely girlfriend, fellow HNG Melanie, were kind enough to go see Cowboys &… Continue reading Guest Review! Cowboys & Aliens!

Captain America: The First Avenger of Awesome

As many of you know, this past weekend I spent my time doing my big move from Los Angeles to San Diego. Between the packing of the U-haul and the wiping of the brow from all the heavy lifting, I didn’t have time to get to the theater to catch the last of the summer… Continue reading Captain America: The First Avenger of Awesome

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 – the End of an Era

Yes, I cried. Quite a bit at one point. And while the scenes were touching and poignant and emotional and all that good stuff, a large part of it was a sense of mourning that this was it.  No more books and now, no more movies either.  The posters and billboards plastered everywhere are clear:… Continue reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 – the End of an Era