Avengers Assemble!

OMFG. I don’t know how else to adequately describe how much I loved this movie. I saw The Avengers twice in 2 days.  The first time after an epic all-day Marvel Movie Marathon with my NBFF Geek Outlaw. And the second time on Sunday morning with my Mom and SO. Afterwards we went to Smash Burger… Continue reading Avengers Assemble!

Unicorn (the comic book villain, not the horse)

I was sitting at my desk today and for some reason I started contemplating the Cold War and where we stand in our relationship with various foreign entities. Naturally, that made me think of Unicorn. Oh, Cold War, along with threat of nuclear attack you brought along a vast array of Superheroes and Supervillains designed… Continue reading Unicorn (the comic book villain, not the horse)