Star Trek Captains Podcast (Ten Forward)

This is a very sleep deprived HNG coming to you from New York City. I’m here visiting my nieces and having a great time with them. Unfortunately for me, I usually go to bed around midnight-2:00am California time. Combine my sleeping habits with the time zone change and my body wants to go to sleep… Continue reading Star Trek Captains Podcast (Ten Forward)

“Ask a Foley Artist” – Interview with Dean Minnerly

As I mentioned on the HNG facebook page, I did an interview with Dean Minnerly, Foley Artist for Universal Studios. I also mentioned that he is my stepdad. Now, I should probably offer a quick explanation because I talk about my parents a lot and it can get a bit confusing because I have 6… Continue reading “Ask a Foley Artist” – Interview with Dean Minnerly

Star Trek Podcast (Ten Forward)

I’m sick for the second time in a week and I have a gopher that is destroying my yard and my life.  So lame.  Just before I got sick the first time I participated in a Star Trek discussion with Isaac and Mark over at World’s Best Podcast for a new section of the podcast they… Continue reading Star Trek Podcast (Ten Forward)