5 Nerdy Things About The AMP Music Festival

Two Hot Nerd Girls. You're welcome.

I got the heads up about the AMP Music Festival from it’s Producer Andy Lowe (who directed Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Live! in San Diego a couple of months ago).  He drew me in with videos of George Takei…an excellent method of nerdy seduction.  When he mentioned press passes I was officially sold.

On the surface it doesn’t seem like there’s anything nerdy about a music festival…unless you’re a music nerd…which I’m not really.  BUT, this festival had a few nerdy things going for it and I like Andy so I’m going with it.

Nerdy thing #1

George Takei starred in the promo (also directed by Andy Lowe).  I posted it on the facebook page last week and if you didn’t watch it, you should, because it’s uber funny.  Alas, I didn’t see George there.  If I had you would have heard the nerdgasm half way around the world, I can guarantee it.


Nerdy thing #2

Jane Lui (who played Penny in Dr. Horrible Live!) performed.  She’s a doll and talented as all get out.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this…


Others that stood out for me?  Terry Matsuoka, Sam Kang, Lindsey Yung, and Michael Carreon.  Check ’em out.  It’ll be worth your time, I promise you.

Nerdy thing #3

There was a band called Science Fiction.  No joke.  They played jazz.  Science fiction jazz.  It was kind of like hanging out at Mos Eisley’s.  But outside…  Anyhooters…their version of MJ’s Thriller was epic. 


*side note: my high school friends will appreciate the fact that when this song started my first thought was “they’re playing Didomite?!?”  Uff da.

Nerdy thing #4

They had cosplay girls there.  Y’all know I love my costumes and hot girls in costume are just a win-win.

Photo by Christina Rogers

Nerdy thing #5

AAA aka Asian American Awesomeness.  Pretty much every performer I saw was an amateur comedian and they were hysterical.  The songs about being book smart and taking off your shoes before going into your house had me in stitches.  And they gave scholarships away to kids that seriously deserve it.  It gave me warm fuzzies.

Oh, and they had prizes.  Beer visors for all!

Yes, this is my Mom. I take her places because she’s kick ass.

Big thanks to Andy Lowe for hooking me up with a day of fantastic entertainment!  Now I don’t just owe you one, I owe you two!


5 responses to “5 Nerdy Things About The AMP Music Festival”

  1. What a great day it was! Need to do a repeat next year….. =)

  2. heh… see, you TOTALLY Coulda gone for the Han Solo Reference… “Hey Kid, thats TWO you Owe me…”

    Much Obliged! thanks for comin!!

    1. LOL, doesn’t he technically say “that’s two you owe me junior” when they’re back inside the Hoth rebel base? Wasn’t sure if I should call you “junior” 😉

      Thanks for the invite, we had a ton of fun! 🙂

      1. AHA! I stand corrected!

        I bow before your better knowledge…

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