Halloween Conundrum

With Halloween fast approaching and me not able to decide just what super nerdy character I should dress up as this year I thought to myself, “Hey! You have a blog! Let’s crowd source this sucker and get some help!” (And yes, in my head I’m yelling at myself….!!!!!) Here are a few of the outfits… Continue reading Halloween Conundrum

RED: Really Excited Dork

Actually, it stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous and if this movie proves anything, it’s that they don’t make them like they used to.  I say this for two reasons.  There is the obvious one: the movie revolves around older and much more experienced agents battling it out against younger, less experienced agents.  And the less… Continue reading RED: Really Excited Dork

My Top 10 Campy Horror Films

In honor of Halloween, or Samhain, or however you choose to refer to it, here is my list of the most awesomely cheese-stastic and hi-larious horror flicks of all time. 10. Anything based on a Stephen King novel From Carrie to The Mist I counted 82 (!!!) film adaptations of Mr. King’s work.  That’s no… Continue reading My Top 10 Campy Horror Films

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

I’m inspired by last week’s news of the “Goldilock Planet” to write about extraterrestrial life and my absolute certainty that we are not alone in this universe.  If you haven’t read about it you can find it here: http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/09/29/5202633-alien-planet-looks-just-right-for-life In another news story out this week, more than 120 ex-Air Force personnel claim to have… Continue reading Hello? Is there anybody out there?

What I need to survive the zombie apocalypse

What do you give a girl who’s biggest fear is zombies? Why, two Samurai swords, of course! You may have read any number of zombie survival guides.  I know I have.  Because hey, the zombie apocalypse could TOTALLY happen.  I have nightmares about it.  I had one particular nightmare a while back: I was walking… Continue reading What I need to survive the zombie apocalypse

X-Men Series II = greatest trading cards ever

It might shock you to learn this.  But I was, at one time, the owner of a complete set of X-Men Series II trading cards. It’s true. I also collected baseball cards, because like any self-respecting tomboy I played baseball, not softball.  Softball is for chicks. But Series II was my most favorite set of… Continue reading X-Men Series II = greatest trading cards ever

Red shirt, blue shirt, gold shirt, no shirt

Now there’s a Dr. Suess book I could get behind. Poor, poor redshirts. They never stand a chance. If I was a gal going in to Starfleet Academy in the year 2267, I would request a job that required a blue or gold uniform.  Why were the redshirts always the first to go?  I could… Continue reading Red shirt, blue shirt, gold shirt, no shirt

Twitards Unite

A couple of years ago I got into a LiveJournal argument with a fellow poster’s friend (arguing online is the BEST) about whether or not Bella was just another sullen teenager and Edward was an abusive boyfriend.  She claimed Stephenie Meyer’s writing was bad for teenage girls because it is sexist, that Bella and Edward… Continue reading Twitards Unite

Icheb the Borg Boy asked me out…

  And then never called me. It was 06 APR 2002 at the Star Trek Convention in San Francisco.  I was attending with an ex-sort-of-boyfriend and fellow nerd.  Even though I have been an avid Star Trek fan since birth, this was my very first convention and I was uber excited.  I found my way… Continue reading Icheb the Borg Boy asked me out…