Icheb the Borg Boy asked me out…


borg and hot nerd gril
Sad emotocon...

And then never called me.

It was 06 APR 2002 at the Star Trek Convention in San Francisco.  I was attending with an ex-sort-of-boyfriend and fellow nerd.  Even though I have been an avid Star Trek fan since birth, this was my very first convention and I was uber excited.  I found my way downstairs to the celebrity and vendor floor and after buying a celtic ring (I know, way random) ended up at Manu Intiraymi’s table where he was having a spirited conversation with a fan in full uniform.  I had a question for him (can’t for the life of me remember what it was) so I sort of listened in on their conversation and looked through the photographs of him and Jeri Ryan spread out on the table.  He kept glancing at me.  I wasn’t in uniform; however, I was wearing my communicator and several Star Trek pins.

Finally the uniformed fan stepped away and I turned to ask him my question.

Borg Boy beat me to it.

MI: “So, are you here with your boyfriend?”

HNG: “Excuse me?”

MI: “Girls like you only come with their boyfriends who are into this stuff.”

HNG (looking incredulous): “No, I’m not here with a boyfriend.  I’m a Trekker.”

MI (looking incredulous): “Are you serious?”

HNG (getting pissed off): “Yes, I’m serious.”

MI (looking stunned): “Huh.”

Don't let the hat fool you. He's cute.

I then proceeded to ask him my question and we spent about 5 minutes engaged (heeheehee) in a nerdy conversation regarding some aspect of playing a Borg on TV.  I asked if I could get a picture taken with him and he said yes so I ran back up to where my friend was waiting and grabbed my camera and headed back down.  I popped in a Listerine Pocket Pak because, well, one always wants fresh breath when confronting the Borg.  Uniformed Fan was back so we had him take the picture.

MI: “What’s that great smell?  Is that gum?”

HNG: “No, it’s a Listerine Pocket Pak, want one?”

MI: “Sure.”

I then proceeded to explain to Borg Boy and UF the virtues of Pocket Paks for those who can’t chew gum due to TMJ…Paks must have been relatively new to the market or something because they listened with rapt interest and declared that I could be a spokesperson for them.


The conversation turned to Borg Boy’s upbringing by hippie parents and how his parents still live here so he comes to visit a lot.  He asked if I wanted to hang out sometime when he was in town.  I said, sure, why not?  He asked me for my phone number. (UF is watching this with his head moving back and forth like it’s a tennis match).  I wrote down my number and gave it to him.  He put it in his wallet with a promise to call me and take me out to dinner.

Whatever.  I’m not holding my breath, fresh as it may be.

I walked away and UF followed me, rambling on about how cool it is that I got asked out by a Borg.  Yeah, it’s cool I guess.  I finally ditched UF and headed back to my friend/ESOBF.  I tell him the whole story and he can’t even believe it.  WTF?  Why is it so hard to believe?  YOU asked me out.  Geez.

Anyways, it’s a good thing I’m somewhat cynical because I never did get a call from Borg Boy…


    1. Is this seriously you?? lol. No we’re not but I’ll look you up and add you. It’s been a while! You probably don’t remember me from that convention but meeting you and Aron Eisenberg was seriously the highlight of it.

  1. This is me, and I totally remember you. I don’t remember it being much of a con, more of a small get together. FB me girl.

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