Star Trek Captains Podcast (Ten Forward)

This is a very sleep deprived HNG coming to you from New York City. I’m here visiting my nieces and having a great time with them. Unfortunately for me, I usually go to bed around midnight-2:00am California time. Combine my sleeping habits with the time zone change and my body wants to go to sleep… Continue reading Star Trek Captains Podcast (Ten Forward)

Star Trek Podcast (Ten Forward)

I’m sick for the second time in a week and I have a gopher that is destroying my yard and my life.  So lame.  Just before I got sick the first time I participated in a Star Trek discussion with Isaac and Mark over at World’s Best Podcast for a new section of the podcast they… Continue reading Star Trek Podcast (Ten Forward)

The Linda Hamilton Chronicles

So, it turns out that a lot of people dig Linda Hamilton.  Either that or they just search for her a lot.  Ms. Hamilton has consistently been one of the top searched for people on the Hot Nerd Girl Blog. I’m not gonna lie, this perplexes me just a little. Not because I don’t think… Continue reading The Linda Hamilton Chronicles

7 of 9 – In Memoriam 2010

‘Tis the time of year for In Memoriams and there will be plenty of them.  All of the awards shows and news organizations will have them.  Heck, I even saw one last night on Turner Classic Movies (after watching the original 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead, of course). My 95-year-old Danish Grandmother… Continue reading 7 of 9 – In Memoriam 2010

Icheb the Borg Boy asked me out…

  And then never called me. It was 06 APR 2002 at the Star Trek Convention in San Francisco.  I was attending with an ex-sort-of-boyfriend and fellow nerd.  Even though I have been an avid Star Trek fan since birth, this was my very first convention and I was uber excited.  I found my way… Continue reading Icheb the Borg Boy asked me out…