Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl: Lembas Bread

Well, I’m on vacation in New York with a wonky internet connection (hence the lovely pixelized pictures) but it seems I just can’t quit you guys. That’s right, it’s time for another installment of Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl! This time around I’m attempting to make Lembas Bread.  Key word: attempting. If you don’t know what… Continue reading Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl: Lembas Bread

For Veterans Day 11-11-11

In my family Veterans Day is the most important day of the year, revered more than Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Whereas Memorial Day is marked by a certain degree of sadness, Veterans Day is about celebration.  It’s about giving thanks to those among us who have answered the calling to serve their country.  I often… Continue reading For Veterans Day 11-11-11