Halloween costume winner

It was neck and neck between the Star Trek Starfleet uniform and Rafael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but ultimately, Star Trek edged out TMNT.  Which is apparently a good thing after reading this article:


Scary crazy lady!

I know I said I was thinking about getting the new/old uniform but, well, time is short and I ran out of it.  So I went with my classic TOS old school uniform made famous by Lt. Uhura and Yeoman Rand (who I met about 6 years ago and is a crazy psycho bitch).

Here are some pictures (as you can see, I have way too much fun playing dress up):

Hope all you nerds had a fantastically fun and nerdy Halloween.  Send me pictures of your costumes!


    1. I’m with him on a couple of them (Brian and Sponge Bob) but I still dig the TNMT and Transformer costumes 😉 Did you see the sexy Chewbacca costume? Hahaha, that one cracked me up.

  1. One of these years, you should figure out a Trek/Wars crossover costume. Like: Borg/Slave Leia or Klingon/Jedi. Or maybe a Redshirt Zombie!

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