Evolution of a Hero, Vol. 1

What? He’s a monster. Shut up. SAVE ME WES! If you’ve read my earlier post about Malcom Reynolds and Han Solo, you know that I have a spot in my heart for bad boys. Seriously, what girl doesn’t? But the thing is, with those characters you never get the full story of how they became… Continue reading Evolution of a Hero, Vol. 1

What is Science Fiction?

This past Friday, HNG fan James posed a seemingly simple and obvious question to me: Huh. That is an excellent questions James, and believe it or not, one I’ve never really thought about. Science fiction has been such a constant in my life since I was a small child that I never stopped to think… Continue reading What is Science Fiction?

How to tell the difference between Cally and Kaylee

Yah, yah. I am aware of the fact that I’ve been writing an awful lot about Firefly and Battlestar Galactica lately.  There are two reasons for this:   1. I recently purchased every season of BSG and am treating myself to a personal marathon.   2. My Mom just had surgery and, as her weekend nurse I… Continue reading How to tell the difference between Cally and Kaylee

Battlestar Galacticawesome

I’ll admit it.  I was a late bloomer to the Battlestar Galactica universe.  When it came out my time was otherwise occupied and by the time I had time it was so far in that I thought I would get lost if I started in the middle. Then I was given Season 1 on DVD… Continue reading Battlestar Galacticawesome