What? He’s a monster. Shut up. SAVE ME WES!

If you’ve read my earlier post about Malcom Reynolds and Han Solo, you know that I have a spot in my heart for bad boys. Seriously, what girl doesn’t? But the thing is, with those characters you never get the full story of how they became such kings of badassery. OK, you get a little bit with Mal in “Serenity” (the episode, not the movie) and “that one episode with the ice planet friend that dies” but they really don’t tell you much about his journey to becoming a hero.

Lucky for us though, Joss “Is Boss” Whedon did us a favor with his creation of a mousy little man, scared of his own shadow, trying to prove himself to those around him. But by the time his clock ran out he had proved himself a bigger bad ass than most. I’m talking of course, of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, played to perfection by Alexis Denisof. Let us begin.

Hi. I'm an ass-hat.

When he began, he came in as Faith’s (Elisa Dushku) Watcher. A sissier version of Giles, he was very keen to do as he was ordered. His tie was straight, he played by the rules, and the thought of getting his hands dirty made this classic fancy Englishman faint. He was a character of little note, just barely a plot point in my opinion, and at one point, just a side character for Cordelia to keep busy with. That is, of course, until he left for Angel.

Getting warmer….

In LA, he became a rogue demon hunter. A sheep in wolf’s clothing, it took a little while before he actually developed deeper levels. For me, it was when he finally got shot while working with Gunn that he seemed to achieve a certain amount of darkness and cool. There’s something to be said for men who get knocked down but keep pressing on because they know that what they are doing is the right thing.

Well hello handsome…
Why are all Wes's so hot?

The point at which the hotness scale tipped for me was when Wolfram and Heart was invaded by robbers, led by Wesley’s father. (SPOILER ALERT) By this time Wesley, who was at one point cookie dough, had been carved out of wood. (Oooo, where did I pull that quote from?) When his Dad threatened to hurt Fred, the love of his life, he didn’t hesitate to use his weapon and drop his father. That’s just hot. He knew he was right, his Dad was wrong, and just shot. No begging, no pleading, his father had crossed a line and Wes just went for it.

There is, of course, more to Wesley’s story, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t watched Angel yet. Great hero’s are not born, they are made through fire and sacrifice. And Wesley, most definitely, is a hero.  At least in the television sense.

Guys take note: this is what you should be. Ladies, take note: Wesley Wyndham-Price is the guy you want.

Ok, so maybe not ALL Wes's are hot…


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  1. Before anyone says anything about it – YES, I know that the episode of Firefly is called “The Message”


  2. Lady Simmons Avatar
    Lady Simmons

    Wesley Wyndham-Price is gorgeous in Angel, one of the best series I’ve ever enjoyed (actually I thinh Joss Whedon to be a genious, and love Buffy, Dollhouse, Firefly and the comics …dammit…I’m Whedon Addicted).
    Sure you can YELL that all men shoul be like Wesley Wyndham-Price, not the prince kind, but the rogue sometimes sweet, always loyal, blue-eyed Mr. Price.
    He’s the modern Marc Darcy, with guns and guts.
    I would like to thank you for your blog, I don’t feel a nerdy geeky girl all alone in my sci-fi world…!
    Pardon me if my english is not so english, I’m italian and proud to be a HOT NERD (plus GEEK) GIRL.

    1. You are definitely not alone! Welcome to the club 🙂

  3. I luv being nerdy… thats my swag, thats wut helps me dougie

  4. @Morgan yup, im nerd and im proud of being smart. and nerds never get bored 🙂

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