What Should I Wear?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’ve decided it’s time for another photoshoot. Last time, we went with the classic Princess Leia Gold Bikini cause how could you not? It’s, like I said, a classic. But this time I figured I should get you all into the mix. The first step is to figure out which costume you want to see me in, then we’ll do the whole fundraising shtick like we did last time.

Now, I’ve culled through my mind all the different options and picked out the five I’d be most comfortable wearing this time around. Take a look, tell me what you think in the comments here or on my Facebook page. Bear in mind though, I will be asking for monetary based support on this as I am not made of money honeys. And please also remember, with my size boobs I’ll probably have to get the larger size. 🙂 I’ll let you know which one I’ve picked next week.

Happy voting!

XENA: Warrior Princess – $40 to $80

Hermoine – $50

Agito Girl (Final Fantasy) – $30 to $90

Wonder Woman – $50

Emma Frost (X-Men) – $80


27 responses to “What Should I Wear?”

  1. Can I vote for (F) All of the Above?

    Honestly… my initial reaction was Harry Potter all the way! Especially knowing what a Pot(ter) Head you are.

    However, the Wonder Woman one also is appealing if only for the fact it is appropriately patriotic time wise based on the fact we finally sent Bin Laden to the early grave he deserves.

  2. im thinking out of those ones…. B. but…. i had a suggestion in mind, which also goes with the large breast thing lol…. SEVEN OF NINE. might not be something you buy, maybe have to make it. but who knows im sure someone out there has something

  3. I second to Hayden: me votes for all of them!

    *sigh*, on those bad days that I feel like my nerdiness overwhelms me, killing all my prospects of finding a stunningly beautiful and equally nerdy girl, your existence reminds me that (while rare) there are hot nerd girls out there!

    Oh dammit, I got that feeling like I’m gonna get bashed for that comment. Hurray for naive peans from even more naive worshippers! ^^

  4. David Avatar

    Xena all the way.

    Harlequin would be pretty cool though.

  5. I would actually vote for Molotov Cocktease, of Venture Brothers’ fame (not sci-fi, but definitely nerdy). Leelu from Fifth Element would also be high in the running.

    1. And don’t forget Twi’leks!

  6. Xena or Emma Frost

  7. I think 7 of 9 is a great suggestion!

  8. Hunter Avatar

    I say First choice would have to be Hermione with Xena in a close second!!! Eventually i would like to see all of the above in time.

  9. Leighton Avatar

    I didn’t see a Spidergirl suit. I suppose Xena will do.

  10. Anthony Avatar

    Out of these, Xena is a great choice. (I watched it as a kid, so what?) However, if you could find a Harlequin outfit, that would be simply amazing.

  11. Princess – Definately need to be down with the popular trend right now and that’s Harry Potter – With the final film due out this year, strike while the iron is hot! Hermione all the way! Break the fanboys hearts!!! 🙂

  12. Iyeman Avatar

    Wonder Woman.

  13. I’d vote Emma, then Hermione.

  14. Xena All the way… but I do like the Seven of Nine suggestion, option 6 maybe?

    1. Oh but please not that Halloween costume…

  15. Don Quinlivan Avatar
    Don Quinlivan

    I think you should go with Xena, but then again, you could go with Xena, and if all else fails…XENA :o)

  16. Emma Frost!

  17. Marcus Avatar

    Emma Frost…but you should wear a blonde whig.i like your brown hair very much, but Emma just has to be blonde….if you have to go brunette, i’d vote for xena

  18. Lady Simmons Avatar
    Lady Simmons

    emma frost…!

  19. Hermoine – But only if you can pull of that naughty librarian look …

  20. Emma. Deffo.

  21. Emma Frost or Xena. But how will you do the hair? Wow.

  22. Hunter Avatar

    Any decision ever made about this post?

    1. It’s coming 🙂

      1. Hunter Avatar

        Cant wait! That is all.

  23. 1. Xena
    2. Wonder Woman

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