Lucky 13: Maxim’s Hot Nerd Women of 2011

We’ve pretty much established that I appreciate hotness, be it male or female, human or alien.  I only bat for one team but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand the other team’s perspective.

My 10 Hottest Babes of Sci-Fi post is by far the most read HNG entry I’ve ever written and it’s not exactly a mystery as to why that is.

Everyone loves hot chicks.


Maxim just came out with their annual list of the 100 hottest women in the world.  Talk about a tough job.  In the name of research (research I tell you!) I painstakingly went through the entire list.  Three times.  Of the 100 I found 26 that were nerd worthy.  From that 26 I managed to narrow down the list to 13.  At that point I just couldn’t in good conscience narrow it down any further.

Therefore, I present to you, oh worthy reader, the Lucky 13.

As a bonus, today happens to be Friday the 13th.  I swear to Gods this was meant to be.

Note: the order they are presented in was Maxim’s decision, not mine.  So don’t go blaming me if the ones you like are further down the totem pole.

That is all.

My #13 – Their #89. Lyndsy Fonseca

I loved Kick Ass way more than any sane person should.  Like, seriously, I LOVE that movie.  Now she gets to kick some ass of her own on Nikita and it’s about damn time.

My #12 – Their #80. Danica McKellar

The definition of smart and sexy.  I hate math but I could watch her do Bertrand’s postulate all night long.

My #11 – Their #69. Emma Watson

Another smart and sexy one.  Turns out she’s a lot like Hermione in real life.  Ridikulus!

My #10 – Their #68. Anna Paquin

I’m pretty sure she screws vampires for a living.  I can think of worse ways to spend my time.

My #9 – Their #59. Grace Park

Can you imagine being surrounded by multiple copies of this woman?  You’d probably die of joygasm.

My #8 – Their #56. Christina Hendricks

Saffron, Bridget, Yolanda – it doesn’t matter what you call her, she’s still gonna kick your ass and knock you out with her sweet lady kisses. Somehow I don’t think you’d mind.

My #7 – Their #53. Ashley Greene

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the hottest vampire of them all?  (Hint: Alice is)

My #6 – Their #42. Emma Stone

She kills zombies.  That alone warrants a spot on this list.  Soon she’ll be making out with Spider-Man…I’m a little jealous about that one.

My #5 – Their #37. Zoe Saldana

Seriously, how many women could look sexy as a 8 ft tall blue alien with a tail?  (Even if that tail does give you awesome orgasms)  Plus, she’s in Star Trek, the greatest sci-fi franchise ever.

My #4 – Their #15. Olivia Wilde

Do I sense a naked scene in Cowboys & Aliens?  Dear God, I hope so.

My #3 – Their #14. Scarlett Johansson

Two words: Black Widow.  The only good thing to come out of the USSR.

My #2 – Their #8. Natalie Portman

She’s an elected Queen and her lover is a god.  It takes one hell of a woman to accomplish all that.

My #1 – Their #2. Olivia Munn

She speaks nerd and gets plastered on morning television.  I’m pretty sure she should be my BFF.

And now for that something special I promised yesterday on Facebook. I took these photos a little while ago but was hesitant to post them. Do you think I should have been? Tell me in the comments.


19 responses to “Lucky 13: Maxim’s Hot Nerd Women of 2011”

  1. Great lineup HG! And your photos -wow-no need to worry HG, you have NOTHING to be hesitant about 😉

  2. WOW! Lookin Great!

  3. Rich W Avatar
    Rich W

    I think we got a new contender for the Hot 100. Awesome picks Trace. I don’t think you ever have to be hesitant about posting pics girl, you are looking pretty damn hot in your pics (just like you always do)…Stay Classy HNG.

  4. Thank you.

  5. Don Q Avatar
    Don Q

    Glad you had three pictures of the #1 hottie. She’s got the rest beat six ways to Sunday.

  6. Joshua Hensley Avatar
    Joshua Hensley

    Danica at #12??? For shame HNG. For shame I say.

    I’ll forgive not puting Portman at #1 because Olivia has real life geek cred. Though you should have used her slave Leia picture.

    I know you were going off of the Maxim list, but my #1 nerd girl would be Felicia Day every damn time.

  7. **Jaw Opened**……thud *Jaw hitting floor**……silence…..

  8. Leighton Avatar

    The last girl is definitely No -1.

  9. Hunter Avatar

    New facebook profile pics?? I would like to think so!!!

  10. Marina B Avatar
    Marina B

    Holy balls, Tracy! I think I just got a crush on you too! 😛 But in all seriousness, you look incredible and I hope Christian is counting his lucky stars every night. 😀

  11. I got one word for you SEXY!!!!

  12. i say ur hotter then the top 5 there, i respect ur right to choose, but i say ur list should be reversed, the top 5 u choose dont compare to #6 – #13 now a days.
    🙂 I seriously thought that the last pics were ur pic for the top prize, and then i read the text and i was like OMG its u.

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  14. WOOOO WOOOO WOOOO WOOOO Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! The brain is on Red Alert!

  15. By the way, the *other* good thing to come from the USSR… Stoly.

  16. I can’t speak for the rest of HNG frequenters, but for me, your appeal is as much about the N & the G as it is the H. You will never have issues with ligitimacy so I don’t think anyone would have the stones to try to lump you in with the “H & G’s that lack the crucial N”.
    Here’s how I see it..

    There are two types of hot: cute, and sexy. Sexy girls are the ones guys want to “play” with. Sexy is pretty much a fixed quantity because all they will ever be looked is as a sex object. The more they show the sexier they appear. Cute girls on the other hand are the ones that guys want to “stay” with. Every time you see a cute girl there is something else you notice or like about them and their appeal never goes away. Cute girls can even be sexy from time to time as you so aptly demonstrated, but its near impossible for a sexy girl to be genuinely cute 😉 The trick is to be the latter.. you are quite clearly the latter. I can honestly say the hottest pic you have ever posted had socks, gratouitous knitting, and volunteer work.

    I’m just sayin…

  17. I’m thinking that Christian should be a little more careful about keeping his lady to himself. I’m just saying that I am the jealous type and you are keeper –

    that is all.

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  19. […] suggested I amp up the hotness and I have stretched beyond my comfort zone twice (Slave Leia and Superman undies) but because I don’t think of myself as “hot” or “sexy” it is difficult for me to pose in […]

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