I went to the future birthplace of James Tiberius Kirk

USS Riverside (NCC-1818)

I mentioned on the facebook page last week that I would be MIA for a few days while I attended my cousin’s wedding in Iowa.  I hadn’t planned on doing anything non-wedding related but when my Mom and I found ourselves with a perfectly good Monday and nothing to fill it with there was really only one place we wanted to go.

That’s right kids.  Riverside, Iowa.  Future birthplace of the one and only James T. Kirk.

So we hopped in the car with my Aunt Lori and drove 2 hours East to a dinky little town with a population of 924.  It’s the home of the annual Trek Fest which we missed by 2 weeks (it’s June 24-25).  Bummer.  Oh well.  We got to see all the major landmarks which are all within about 5 blocks of each other (pretty sure the town is only 10 blocks long).

So allow me to give you a tour of the town where the greatest Captain of all time was born and bred.  Enjoy.

=/\=  <–that’s supposed to be a Star Trek insignia

This is Murphy’s Bar & Grill, the place where Jimmy was conceived. That’s my Mom and Aunt Lori getting excited to see what’s inside.

A hotbed of romance this place

 See that little bump on the floor underneath the pool table?

The pool table of loooove

That would be the plaque indicating that this is the very spot where Jimmy’s parents got it on.

See? I told ya!

I helpfully pointed out the parts needed for this conception.

You're welcome for the biology lesson.

We then moved on to where Jimmy was born behind the local barber shop.  When you see the flag on the lightpole you’ll know that you’re in the right place.


Once behind the barber shop, you are presented with a monument that is eerily gravestone-like.

Nothing creepy about that…

We then proceeded to introduce ourselves to the local print shop owner.  He looked Amish but was super awesome.  I got into a tribble throwing battle with his grandson.  Because that’s what one does when in Riverside, Iowa.

I do have a thing for men in suspenders…

I bought some potholders crocheted by his wife.

Best. Souvenir. Ever.

We then headed to the local ice cream parlor where the walls are signed by TOS cast members.  What flavor did we get, you ask?  Some delicious concoction called “Oops.”

Wrong hole, but nice try.

After our frosty treat we made our way down to The Voyage Home, the local Star Trek/history museum and gift shop.  Outside is parked the infamous USS Riverside and Van Allen shuttle.

Inside the museum is a display donated by the local movie theatre.

Don't be fooled by the empty shelves, they're just rearranging for Trek Fest

And a wooden carving of Jimmy that looks remarkably similar to Han Solo.  I felt the need to hold it’s hand.  I don’t know why.

Hey good lookin'

I can now die happy a happy Trekkie.


4 responses to “I went to the future birthplace of James Tiberius Kirk”

  1. Best wishes to folks of Riverside IA as they prep for 2011 Trek Fest. Thanks to everyone who spent time telling us all about the history of Trek Fest, Riverside, and stories of Star Trek cast members who have visited the town/celebration in years past.

  2. how very very cool, and how lucky you are to have been in the area. it looks a great town that has embraced it accidental fame in a big way, well done to them!

  3. I remember hearing something a million years ago about how some random town in Iowa pronounced itself the birth place of Captain Kirk. I never heard more of it. It is pretty cool to see all of those pictures 🙂

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