Flight Training with the Starship Enterprise

If you read the blog you know that I come from a military family.  This came to me from a family member who was in the military.  Their good friend went through some flight training and was surprised to see that his training included a little assistance from Starfleet!  Some of the information is sensitive so I’ve changed names and blacked out some of the text (and unfortunately for you, not included some of the pictures – sorry!) but I got permission to share it because I think it’s just so kick ass.  Here you go:

I don’t know how many I have told this story to, and they all think I’m full of shit.
So now, once and for all, I shall dispel the Bullshit.
Before I deployed to ***** in **** for the **************, I had to attend refresher training in the aircraft-make and model specific. 
When I was in the Level **************, a programming extraordinare, “John Smith” at ********* in Ft. ******* said “OK, so you think your bad ass, huh, Pal?” (jokingly)
I said, “Sure, John; show me what ya got” with a smirk. “We can fly upside down and cut grass if you want”
He said, “I got the Starship Enterprise and I want you to land on it. I only get this out for the best of the best, you know.”
I said, “Bring it on, Big Boy”, in my typical talk first, think later manner.
So I did land on it, on the first approach and he was amazed. I was more amazed at the fact that someone had programmed that in!
It wasn’t stationary. It was moving at an undisclosed rate at 4000 feet. Thanks Pal 🙂
Here’s the Pics; I knew I had the GD things, I just had to find them 4 years later…I had “John” stop the sim so I could get pictures.
The bullshit is over.
I am so thankful for “John Smith” at ******** – he was a man among men and probably saved my life about 40 times. 


STFU, how awesome is that???

***On a side note: my computer is broken again and I’m having trouble figuring out what the major malfunction is – ugh, so lame – so posts are likely to continue to be sporadic until I can figure this the fuck out or *sigh* get a new computer.


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