My birthday present to you…a Batgirl photoshoot!

Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh – BATGIRL!

Tomorrow is my birthday (don’t even bother asking, I’m not going to tell you how old I am) so I decided to give YOU, my awesome readers, a gift for sticking with me for the past year and a half.

I wrote a little story to go along with the pictures…sort of a pseudo-comic if you will.  I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and please feel free to thank me for putting my friend into my Slave Leia costume.  I figured that if I have to rescue a damsel in distress, she might as well be scantily clad and amazingly hot.  Just looking out for you my friends.

Anyhooters, here goes:

The night is dark. Dark and dangerous. A lone heroine stalks the night keeping an eye out for trouble.

She climbs over the rooftops, lithe and agile. She watches and waits.

A scream tears through the silence.  Someone is in trouble!

Oh no! A thug has a helpless damsel in distress in his grips!

The thug eyes her skeptically. He doesn’t see her as a threat. He has made a horrible mistake.

She shows him her mean right hook!

The thug is stunned and doesn’t see it coming when she plants her totally practical stiletto boot square in his chest!

HNG prevails. 

The streets are safe once again.  At least for now…

Don’t worry fair maiden, HNG will always be here to keep you safe.

To the victor goes the spoils…wait…I mean, allow me to escort you home fair maiden…

HNG takes to the rooftops once more.

A Superhero’s work is never done.

Bad guys beware: she’ll be watching. And waiting. And looking hot while doing it so don’t get any ideas buster.

A HUGE thank you to Jon Upson for taking such amazing pictures (check out his website here) and to Darcy and Joy for joining in on the HNG shenanigans (as Jon would say).


  1. Who is this “Joy” person? And even more importantly, what is her number? 😉

    Great shoot! Maybe next time you can have a fellow “HNG sidekick” dress up as Robin!

  2. happy birthday =) love the batgirl but especially the whole deal behind it, going with a comic story and not just a costume. thats why we’re all here, keep it up hng

  3. Honestly, I want to like you, and part of me does, but part of me is embarrassed by which this all is a thinly veiled sales tactic using sex. Yes, you’re pretty. But, you’re directly using your attractiveness to sway eyeballs, and you’re being a coquettish monster in general: you flirt with the camera and the audience in the text, totally contrary to the fact that, as your site says elsewhere, “You are spoken for.”

    You are gaining eyeballs by giving horny, nerdy men false hope. My eyeballs just rolled, my face is firmly in my palm, and my respect for you just plummeted. You are coming across as a needy celebrity.

    My girlfriend is just as hot as you, just as nerdy as you, and at least twice as smart as you, and she doesn’t sell herself by flirting with people as a sales gimmick. Glad I’m dating her and NOT you, because I wouldn’t enjoy how dating you would make me feel. Take the criticism for what it’s worth.

    1. I did not delete your comment, I’ve been out of town for my grandmother’s funeral and all comments require approval before they are posted.

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but you have misinterpreted the message here. The object of this blog is to have fun, talk about nerdy stuff, and encourage my fellow nerds to come out of their shells. Part of that is to encourage nerds, male and female, to have the courage to ask each other out instead of just dreaming about it. I’m open about the fact that I am not single (as you pointed out) but I’ve been in that position before. I am shy and socially awkward and grew up feeling very self-conscious. If I can overcome that, they can too. You’re lucky, you already have a girlfriend who sounds awesome. I bet we’d get along great.

      This is a positive and safe place for nerds to congregate. I don’t talk trash and I discourage people from being mean. I can think of worse ways to run a blog. So, no, I do not think that your comment is accurate.

  4. Just stumbled on this and I am totally staggered by Tate Shafer’s arrogance and presumptiveness in the early July posts. How you can impose your own mores on other people’s actions in why they read this or why HNG posts these is beyond belief. This is totally harmless cosplay fun, if you seriously think any of the banter here constitutes genuine flirtation as opposed to inane chat with a bit of innuendo you are retarded. Your comments can’t be accurate for the simple reason you have never met HNG and are basing your conclusion on … what? The odd sentence written here? Some photos where she dresses up? I’m surprised by your post on two counts , one that you have a girlfriend that puts up with such an opinionated fool and two that you are prepared to declare your idiocy so openly to the world. Seriously why post that your gf is better looking and more of a nerd? It’s ridiculous! Who cares? What’s next, ‘I’ve got nicer shoes than you’? Come on!
    For whatever its worth, HNG, good on you for sharing these pics and dealing with such comments in an extremely dignified manner.
    I like the shoot but would have preferred you with the Batgirl mask (not necessarily the cowl)

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