Lucky 13: Maxim’s Hot Nerd Women of 2012

Normally this post would have come out right after the list was announced as it did last year. However, this has been a crazy busy Summer and I just spent 2.5 weeks in New York helping to take care of my two nieces. In short, I’ve had very little free time.

Better late than never, right?

Maxim recently came out with their list of the 100 hottest women in the world and, like last year, I felt it was my duty to whittle the list down to the most nerd-worthy. What I call the Lucky 13.

Let me tell you, writing this blog is really tough sometimes.

For the sake of fresh blood, I’m not putting any repeats in my 13. So if they were on the list last year they’re going to have to settle for an honorable mention.  Those delectable women include: Christina Hendricks, Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene, Emma Watson, Scarlett Johanson, Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, and Olivia Munn. Believe me, it is painful for me to leave them off this list but I don’t want to list the same people over and over again every year. Where would the fun be in that?

Another special mention goes to Stephen Colbert #69 (of course)…as far as I know, the only man to ever find himself on this list.

Note: the order they are presented in was Maxim’s decision, not mine.  So don’t go blaming me if the ones you like are further down the totem pole.

My #13 – Their #97. Kat Dennings

She tasered my boyfr – I mean Thor and was totally unapologetic about it. That takes balls. Oh, and she’s got a wicked sense of humor and the comedic timing to back it up.

My #12 – Their #94. Alexandra Breckinridge

She serviced vampires (in more ways than one) and the inhabitants of a haunted house (in more ways than one). Let’s just say that she’s exceptionally talented (in more ways than one).

My #11 – Their #80. Stana Katic

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Castle and that’s not just because of the man who plays Castle. People say we look alike. I don’t see it but I’ll take it as a compliment thankyouverymuch.

My #10 – Their #76. Teresa Palmer

She’s dated a sorcerer, been suffocated by hair, killed a crapload of Mogadorians and is soon to be the love interest of a zombie. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

My #9 – Their #67. Rebecca Mader

Not even Time knows what to do with this fiery red head. She’s loyal to Leonard Nimoy so she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

My #8 – Their #65. Cobie Smulders

It takes an amazing woman to hold her own in a room full of superheroes and master spies. Cobie survived an implosion and an explosion and came up swinging. Well done, Agent Hill, well done.

My #7 – Their #61. Kristen Bell

I’m a little biased when it comes to Miss Bell. She graduated from the same little Catholic High School in Michigan that my Dad attended. She always struck me as the nerdy type and I sympathized greatly with her Fanboys character.

My #6 – Their #35. Yvonne Strahovski

She couldn’t resist the lure of the nerd she was protecting. I told you there was hope for nerds everywhere.

My #5 – Their #22. Kaley Cuoco

Aaaaand another hot chick attracted to the herd of nerd. Kaley and Yvonne even kind of look alike. Think we can convince them to be the blonde bread in a nerd sandwich?

My #4 – Their #16. Charlize Theron

Charlize has done loads of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy films. She’s so beautiful that she’s not afraid to ugly herself up for a role. She’s pretty much the perfect woman.

My #3 – Their #12. Kate Beckinsale

Quite possibly the hottest vampire ever. For such a tiny little thing she makes a very convincing assassin. She’s about to demonstrate that again, this time on Mars.

My #2 – Their #10. Adrianne Palicki

She gave birth to the second coming of Christ, became a Real American Hero and was Wonder Woman for about 2 minutes. Even though the costume sucked I’m still kind of upset that whole WW thing didn’t pan out.

My #1 – Their #6. Jennifer Lawrence

This girl stuck a big ol’ cupids arrow in our hearts when she took on the role of Miss Everdeen.  Oh, and she got naked and painted herself blue. All for us. We’re such lucky bastards.

Until next year, this is HNG signing off.


  1. There are a few I would add such as all of Team Unicorn, Summer Glau and the ever nerdy Felicia Day.

    1. Timothy P. Callahan Avatar
      Timothy P. Callahan

      Agreed! I like the list but they need to find a way to add Felicia Day and Summer Glau (Not too familar with Team Unicorn. . .just did a Google search and yeah! Add them as well!

    2. Peter R Avatar
      Peter R

      What he said and the girl in the Han T is cool too

  2. Smitty Avatar

    I haven’t looked at Maxim’s actual list, but this one is great. I actually learned a few actresses that I knew, but didn’t really KNOW, you know? I especially like the last one in the purple, seems like a shoe in for top 10. 😉

  3. Michael Novack Avatar
    Michael Novack

    Last one’s the hottest nerd girl!

    1. I agree. The one in the purple Han Solo shirt is definitely #1

  4. kingleberry Avatar

    i’m not much in to red heads as my sister is one but *clears throat* Deborah Ann Woll is a upsr duper hot ginger nerd girl

  5. The last one is SOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

    No hotter nerd girl than her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amaster Avatar

    The main part of the list is good, but the last one in purple was the hottest.

  7. You’re tops on my list, HNG. 🙂

  8. An excellent list! And, with so many others in agreement, I like the last one in purple the most!

  9. A little dated, but Alyson Hannigan would still hit somewhere in the middle of this list for me. 🙂

  10. Shadowstrider Avatar

    M’dear, you forgot one small thing: Kate Beckinsale won the “Jean Claude Gawd-Damm” award in the men’s choice awards.

  11. A. Devlin Avatar
    A. Devlin

    You should be on the list somewhere.

  12. I agree… the one in the purple is smokin’ hot.
    Now… What was I saying?

  13. All gorgeous, but none more so than HNG!

  14. No Felicia Day ruins this list – did MAXIM drop the ball there?

  15. The girl with the flying solo shirt is hot and she is number one for me

  16. mattb4rd Avatar

    Maxim apparently moved the images. The last one is GREAT, though.

  17. […] it for a year but I’m a prude and could never pose sans clothes. I could see doing something like Maxim though. But no one has asked me so it’s a moot […]

  18. I’d have to add the girl in the last pic….oh, that is HNG, the writer of this article. HOT in her own right!!!!

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