San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Saturday Highlights)

It’s 2:00am again and I’m still sleep deprived.

Yesterday was a BFD day for me. It was my first time cosplaying at a convention. I chose to dress up as my favorite comic book superhero/Norse God, Thor (I’m such a good little Norwegian). I put this costume together myself and even did some light sewing and scissor work to make it all happen. Aside from the fact that I couldn’t breath (this also marked my first time ever wearing a corset), I had fun dressing up. My sister-in-law is a makeup artist so she did the dramatic Thor makeup on me. I got a lot of compliments on my costume so I must have done something right 🙂

Just like yesterday this is just some preview pictures. I’ll do a full wrap up post after this weekend. I also have a fantastic interview with Rod Roddenberry to be uploaded/posted (thanks to those who submitted questions for him!) I apologize for not posting more pictures during the actual convention, the cell reception/internet is horrible and even trying to log on drains massive amounts of battery power.  I did try!

Today is the last day…booo 🙁

But at least I’ll be able to sleep again 😉


  1. dpminnerly Avatar

    Popi and puppy think you’re all having WAY too much fun…………………

  2. Great pictures, great costume! You are so making me look forward to DragonCon in Atlanta (just a month and a half away now). Looks like you guys are having a great time – keep it up!

  3. Larry Fellin Avatar
    Larry Fellin

    Great costume and you look great in it. Looks like your having a blast and can’t wait for your dull write up on it. Makes me more excited for NY Comic Con in October.

    1. Larry Fellin Avatar
      Larry Fellin

      Full write up* not dull…stupid phone

  4. I am now a fan of Thor.

  5. Love it! So jealous, it looks like a bundle of fun. I was hoping to work my way up to San Diego Comic Con by trying Vancouver FanExpo and then Emerald City, but I failed at both this year. Working on the Mandalorian armour for next year….

  6. I love that shirt that read, “Nerd Harder!”

  7. Mark Frost Avatar
    Mark Frost

    This is awesome. Love the sense of life portrayed. And yeah, I hear corsets can fight hard against the natural urge to breathe 🙂

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