“Ask a Roddenberry” – Interview with Rod Roddenberry

Every time I see Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry I become a bigger fan of him. He’s genuinely friendly and very easy to talk to.

This interview was conducted on Saturday at San Diego Comic Con, hence my Thor costume, crazy makeup and obvious lack of sleep. I got back from my Grandma’s funeral a day and a half before SDCC so I only had about 24 hours to prepare for this interview. Despite the notes on my lap, it felt more like a conversation than an interview which I think was welcome to both of us – it was to me! But such is the personality of Rod. I never once felt nervous, though having met him before was most likely the reason for that.

In the interview we talk about scuba diving, The Roddenberry Foundation, an amazing new media project called White Room: 02B3, the X Prize and devices such as Medical Tricorders and Universal Translators becoming a reality, and, of course, Star Trek. He also reveals a new Star Trek blog called “Mission Log” hosted by John Champion (DVD Geeks) and Ken Ray (Mac OS). I asked many of your questions so thank you for submitting them!

We ended up using the whole interview, nothing was edited out so the footage is all raw all the time.

Hope you enjoy it!


For more information on anything and everything Roddenberry, check out Roddenberry.com.

Some more pics from the interview…

Thanks to my friends Darcy for filming and Eddy for taking the still shots. And a huge thanks to Rod, Trevor, Chance and everyone in the Roddenberry camp for being so welcoming to me yet again!


  1. That White Room project looks like a trip. The actors are going to have to be super dedicated to stay in character the whole time.

  2. AWESOME interview! I love how he tied in some Star Trek sayings when it came to scuba diving! You did a great job! I look forward to the next interview!!!

  3. Really enjoyed the interview with Rod. Fascinating to hear about his support and knowledge of stem cell research. I am not sure how wide the public appeal would be for Rod to create a documentary about his mom but as a mom, I would be interested! I love how Rod rephrased the “Captains” question, a common question among those who love Star Trek to “Who would you follow?” and for me the answer is still difficult but Picard is always a top contender. I loved the discussion about new media, 360 white room and the dome theatre. Gene Roddenberry’s vision of infinite diversity/infinite combinations was a welcome discussion as well as the Tricorder XPrize of $10 million sponsored by Qualcomm Inc. It makes you wonder how many people all over the world are working toward that prize? I hope there are many!

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