HNG Podcast: Pre-Comic Con Confab Conversation…thing.


Welcome to the 3rd HNG podcast!
In this Pre-Com Con Con Con, Darcy and I discuss my plans for San Diego Comic Con including what costumes I’ll be wearing, what panels I’ll be camping out for, and what artists/booths I’ll be visiting. It’s a much briefer podcast, clocking in at approximately 24 minutes.

We’ll do a wrap-up podcast next week once the madness is over.

If you’re going to Comic Con and you see me, please be sure to say Hi! I will likely be dressed as:
Thursday: Han Solo
Friday: an HNG t-shirt
Saturday: Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Sunday: the 10th Doctor
I will also be spending some time each day (exact time TBD – I’ll tweet it and put it on the facebook page whenever I’m there) at Booth L-07 where my extremely talented artist friend (and HNG logo designer) Brett DeWall has a booth. I’ll have calendars and stickers and pins and all kinds of fun stuff. So, y’all come on down now, ya hear?

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