HNG Podcast – 2013 Comic Con Part 1


I’ve been recovering from a gnarly Comic Con cold (stoopid germs) all week so I’m running a bit behind on my Comic Con wrap-up posts. Stay tuned for a post that’ll include pictures and more details on the panels, but in the meantime, Darcy and I recorded a podcast where I go through my entire Comic Con experience very, very quickly. Talking about 4 days worth of awesomeness in an hour is apparently too much for the blog to handle so we had to split it up into two posts.

In Part 1 we discuss meeting Brent Spiner again, Thursday’s Sherlock, X-Files, and Brave New Warriors panels in Ballroom 20, and Friday’s The World’s End, Veronica Mars, and Kick-Ass 2/Riddick panels in Hall H.

Check out Part 2 of the podcast coming right atcha!


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