WonderCon 2014 – Part 2 (Costumes and Cosplay and Characters – oh my!)

Hot Nerd Girl Geek Outlaw WonderCon 2014

Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl on the loose

If you missed Part 1 of my 2014 WonderCon wrap up (Panels, Floor, and Shenanigans), be sure to check it out HERE! I attended the Con with my NerdBFF Hayden aka Geek Outlaw and Mama Jedi.

Mama Jedi and I dressed up as Sherlock and Dr. John Watson on Saturday!

Hot Nerd Girl Mama Jedi WonderCon 2014

Part 2 is all about the costumes so, without further ado…

Let’s start off with Video Game Cosplay!

We’ve got a couple of Portal fans.


Some Mario Kart fans.

P1010433 (Large)c

And then some friends of friends who are also Super Mario Bros. fans.


It’s a Mario Bunny!


Speaking of games….hey! I found Waldo!


Monsters like to play games, let’s move on to Horror.

Freddy Krueger was trying to be all intimidating.

P1010385 (Large)

Sherlock was not impressed with him or his friends.

P1010631 (Large)c

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky…

P1010629 (Large)c

Hats don’t kill people, people in hats kill people.

P1010613 (Large)

You know what’s kind of scary? Decepticons.

P1010723 (Large)c

Luckily Michelangelo and Rafael were just a few feet away.




So many Homers…

P1010481 (Large)c

Mo and HNG were not impressed by them.

P1010795 (Large)

But Woody was! I yelled out “Andy’s coming!” but he shook his head and kept walking :(

P1010754 (Large)

Ariel out of the sea.

P1010524 (Large)c

Ariel in the sea…with her friends…wait a minute…

P1010787 (Large)

Hey, nice crab!

P1010794 (Large)

Let’s finish up Disney with some Maleficent.


From one bad ass woman to another…Xena!

P1010484 (Large)c

Hey, that’s not Daenerys!

P1010344 (Large)c

I was seriously tempted to stage a rescue for this poor little Hobbit.


There was some great Steampunk costumes.

This is our recently acquired friend, Capt. Seekerman, who we met at ConDor in San Diego.


And here is the back of his costume showing off his steam-powered (yes, actually steam-powered) wings that fold up and down.

P1010692 (Large)c

Just like I have a NerdBFF in Geek Outlaw, Capt. Seekerman‘s NerdBFF is Andrea.

P1010801 (Large)c

This guy is part of Vocademy, a group that helps and teaches others how to make elaborate costume pieces like this hat that he keeps adding pieces to including an old school Mickey Mouse watch he’s had since he was a kid.

I swear I know that guy with the goatee from somewhere but I cannot for the life of me remember where. He said it was his very first convention so it’s not that. It’s seriously going to bug me until I remember.

Steampunk to Sci-Fi is a natural transition, let’s go there next!

Steampunk Boba Fett recognized me and remembered that there was a price on my head.

I snuck past him and then spotted this little Droid wandering the Floor…

Obviously trying to escape from Darth Vader who had already taken an Ewok hostage.

I managed to escape only because this guy warned me it was a trap.

This Stormtrooper tried to take me to Darth Vader anyways.

Luckily Darth Vader was distracted by Dark Helmet.

I was (barely) aided in my escape by these guys.

Only to discover General Grievous coming after me.

Lando thinks he helped, but he didn’t.

It was this lovely Ewok 

Party time! Because Bith Happens.

Wait, is that George Lucas?? Nope, it was just a random guy who happened to be walking by and we literally shoved him into our picture.

This guy is 6’4″ and Mama Jedi is 5’0″. I love taking pictures of her next to tall people. It makes me happy. I don’t know why.

Let’s crossover into Star Trek with this lovely crossover. Awww, free face hugs! That’s sweet.

This guy made up his own alien species. Clever boy. (Ignore The Comedian in the background, she’ll get her turn later).

His made up alien kind of reminds me of a Vinvocci so let’s segue into Doctor Who.

This lovely 10th Doctor caught me just as I was entering the Con on Saturday morning.

I ran into another 10th Doctor and 4th Doctor hanging out together, obviously John Mulhall’s nearby Geddy’s Moon booth provided the necessary paradox for a time crash.

They must have resolved it because I ran into the 4th Doctor again later in the day. It’s always a good day when I get two Jelly Babies.

The 11th Doctor was a little spacey that day.

I think he missed his “Sexy.”  Don’t worry, I found her.

This annoying lady kept asking me to moisturize her. It was super creepy.

With Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart‘s help…

…I found a treasure trove of Doctor Who characters.

Hey! It’s the 11th Doctor again!

Who ya gonna call?


We run into these guys at so many Cons, they decided to give Hayden an honorary patch. I don’t know who was more excited, Geek Outlaw or Stay Puft.

I asked where Vera was and he pointed at me. I think he’s had a bit too much Mudder’s Milk.

Please excuse me while I scold Dr. Horrible.

What’s Illyria doing hanging out with Harley Quinn?

I don’t know but I’m going to use it to switch over to Comic cosplay!

My 5-year-old nephew is a huge fan of this Riddler (and here’s another one). So much so that, when Zeke wouldn’t eat his vegetables, Riddler intervened and Zeke is still eating his vegetables to this day!

As a result, I am not known as “Hot Nerd Girl” to this group, but instead as “Zeke’s Aunt” which suits me just fine  This talented group of Cosplayers go by the names Smile-X Villain Co. and Pieced Together Cosplay and they have several different versions of their Gotham Villain costumes. Here’s a more traditional…

And a seriously kick ass punk rock take. I’ve also seen them in PJ’s.

Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy.

Hayden was scared of Harley Quinn.

But I correctly deduced that her weapon could not harm me.

It’s OK, Robin’s here to deal with all of these villains. But where’s Batman?

You have a choice between Comfy Pajama Batman…

…or Sparkly Disco Batman.

OMG! It’s Tracy AND Dick Tracy!

Iron Man and Doctor Doom had a crowd of people around them taking pictures so Mama Jedi decided to photobomb them.

Here’s what everyone else’s pictures look like. Muah hahahahaha!

Oh wait, except ours 

Black Widow in the hizzouse!

Don’t get any ideas Geek Outlaw!

Uh oh.

Thor will take care of that.

Unless Loki gets in the way.

Sue Storm and Silver Surfer will help.

What up, Spidey?

Nevermind, I can see you’re busy.

The Rocketeer, one of my all-time faves.

Sexy Comedian finally gets her turn.

Colonel Stars and Stripes!

Rick Grimes pre-Walker Apocalypse.

And don’t forget, kids….


Thanks for checking out the 2014 WonderCon coverage, hope you enjoyed all of the fabulous costumes! Huge thanks to the Cosplayers who let us take their pictures!


Side note: the first run of HNG calendars sold out (yay!) and I need to order some more for an upcoming event. If anyone would like to get one, now’s the time to order! The calendar features all of the nerdy holidays (and the regular ones too) and a convention calendar. Order one today!



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