Long Beach Comic Con 2014



Day One! Captain Hammer (and fan) cosplay

When Geek Outlaw and I did a booth at Long Beach Comic Expo in March we ended up in a dark back corner of the Floor in an area we dubbed “The Batcave.” The one perk? We made an awesome friend in fellow Batcave sufferer, Taking Eden graphic novel creator Jason Beckwith. To make up for such a crappy location, they gave us a great deal (and a much better spot) for Long Beach Comic Con.

Day Two! Star Trek (2009) cosplay

Since we spent most of our time behind a table, most of the coverage is the amazing cosplay; however, we did have my very first “drink together” which is basically me telling all of my ConFam that they should know and be ConFam with each other too.

Before we get to costumes, here’s some of my fellow booth peeps – authors, artists, and actors – oh my!

Eye of the Gods and Morningstar creator/artist, Geremi Burleigh

Hero Chick creator (and our next door neighbor) David Arroyo

One of my favorite artists, Mike Hicks

My favorite new Thor [link to pic] artists, Ben Risbeck.

Author (and my Podthingy cohost) John Mulhall! Be sure to check out his supernatural thriller Geddy’s Moon and the final few days of the Kickstarter campaign for his new novel Dark and Broken Things.

Taking Eden creator, Jason Beckwith!

Conor and The Crosswinds author, Kevin Gerard

Podcast interview!

One of my faves, actor Todd Stashwick

Mama Jedi made the perfect ultimate Captain Hammer fan

I also put together my very first “drink together” with some of the ConFam

A few jager bombs in…

And my best friend, Danielle, visiting from Texas, even came by for a bit! She’s not nerdy but I love her anyways.

On to costumes! There were soooo many amazing costumes and I took so many pictures that I’m posting some of my favorites here but I urge you to take a look at the full album at the bottom.

This mini Deadpool was totally adorkable.

The family that nerds together, stays together (DC vs Marvel notwithstanding).



This Catwoman has the poses down.

The jokes on you.

Lil’ Thanos.

Lil’ Black Widow (aka Todd Stashwick’s adorable daughter).

Mini Rocket and Star-Lord to the rescue!

This Nightcrawler was dead on.

Lonstermash on Saturday as Wolverine and on Sunday as THE JOKEVERINE!

Y’all know I lurv me some Thor and Loki, especially when its fellow HNG’s crossplaying.

My lovely and very Roguish friends over at Smile-X Villain Co.

This Aquaman proposed to his lovely girlfriend about 5 minutes after the picture on the left was taken! The next day they came back and I gave them one of my “nerd harder.” HNG shotglasses. Mazel Tov you too!!


The entire album:


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