Doctor Who Burlesque!


I’m a fan of all forms of art (except maybe Modern – sorry…) and expression and I have a great appreciation for the female form. Plus, as you all well know, my love of all things Doctor Who is infinite. So when I got the opportunity to attend “Dimensions of Time & Tease” – a Doctor Who burlesque show presented by Peepshow Menagerie, I jumped at the chance!

The opening act was a band called Ghost Noise and, although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I ended up being a fan of their ethereal electronic sound.

The Host was the Third Doctor portrayed by the fabulously named Wolfgang Wolfwhistle.

He was soon joined by the delightful (and scene stealing) Mr. Snapper as “Jack” (Harkness).

And then later by the lovely Glama Sutra as “Spoilers” aka River Song.

Some of the Highlights:

Madame Vastra shows off some swordplay.

Novice Hame of the Sisters of Plenitude on the planet New Earth.

Souffle Girl cooking up some Hawtness.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

The Ponds keeping the passion alive!

The Mistress, causing problems, as per usual 😉

And my favorite of the night, this highly upgraded Cyberwoman!


I was truly impressed by the costumes and performances of these lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen. They perform the third Friday of every month and I HIGHLY recommend attending one of their shows!

Be sure to check out Peepshow Menagerie’s next show “Cherry Potter and the Wizards of Burlesque” this Friday, January 16th at 9pm in Los Angeles! For more information go HERE!


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