Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl: Ambrosia

3 franchises represented in 1 photo. I love it.

Remember when I told you that cooking was NOT one of my many talents?  Well, it’s about to become very obvious to you. 

The Butterbeer recipe was the last one we shot so I had kind of gotten in to the swing of things by then (and had a few drinks…ahem).  Ambrosia, on the other hand, was the first video we shot and I was neither warmed nor liquored up yet.

I don’t know what it is about cooking that causes all of my smarts to fly right out the window.  Give me the newest iphone and I’ve got it figured out within 10 minutes but put a blender in front of me and you’d think I’d just been handed a spaceship.  Actually….I take that back…I am absolutely positive that I could figure out the spaceship before I could figure out the blender.

In my defense, the blender is my mothers and I’d never used it before.  I know, it’s a pathetic excuse but it’s the only one I’ve got so I’m exploiting it wholeheartedly.

Not only did I not rehearse any of these recipes but, in some cases, I didn’t even read the directions beforehand, only the ingredients.


What can I say? I like a little adventure in my life!

On to Ambrosia!

Ambrosia is a fancy shmancy alcoholic beverage from Battlestar Galactica that is known for being pretty potent. I like that it’s bright green, it reminds me of Ecto Cooler aka Slimer Juice.  But, you know, for adults.

Mmmmm….green goo….

So without further ado, this is how you make Ambrosia:


Here’s the recipe (from The Geeky Chef):


6 oz Midori

4 oz Blue Curacao

2 oz lime juice

Add all ingredients to the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker pitcher (or, in my case, a blender) and add ice as directed in the owners manual. Makes 36 oz. of delicious concoction. Garnish with a stemmed cherry and enjoy!

I drank a lot of it. Gotta love liquid courage!

PS – the next video will be of actual food, I promise!  Well…it would be actual food if I knew what I was doing…


6 responses to “Cooking with Hot Nerd Girl: Ambrosia”

  1. dpminnerly Avatar

    Make some this weekend!!!!!

  2. Courtney B Avatar
    Courtney B

    Ha! Next time jam a fork in that lime to help you juice it silly. I’m sure someone’s already mentioned it. Nice show of brawn though 😉

    1. NO! No one has told me that! But that’s a GREAT idea! I’m totally going to do that next time! Thanks Darlin’!

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