Celebrating The Selling

Many of you know that I’ve been a big supporter of The Selling, an independent horror comedy written, directed, produced, and starring some of my fellow SF Staters. I wrote a review of it, interviewed Director Emily Lou, and promoted the heck out of their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve done the festival circuit but today is one more big milestone, the release of the DVD (which you can buy at Amazon right HERE).

Right now they are releasing the film in select theatres across the country. Last night I had the privilege of finally seeing it on the big screen at The Egyptian in Hollywood, a theatre I lived across the street from for a year and a half but never went inside until last night.

It’s perty inside

The night started off with a bang. I got to my bff Danielle’s house and wasn’t there for more than 5 minutes before her adorable dog Scamper raided my purse and started eating my zombie apocalypse emergency food that I always carry with me. Bad Scamper!

It’s ok, Auntie Tracy still loves you

We had some time to kill before the reception at the theatre so we drove to Hollywood early and stopped at Juicy Burger on Hollywood Blvd. Funny story, there’s a bit of a running joke between me and some of my peeps about “Gangnam Style” so when the song came on at the restaurant I just had to dance to it even though I don’t really know how the dance goes. We were in the back of the restaurant so I didn’t think anyone could see me. Turns out, they have a mirror hanging from the ceiling so the ENTIRE staff of the restaurant was watching. The cashier girl was really happy cause it was her birthday and she said it made her day. So it was worth hearing the laughter from the kitchen 

Totally random things like that happen when Danielle and I get together. We can’t help it.

Me and Danielly Belly

We headed over to the theatre for the Reception and I was so excited to finally meet everyone who worked on the film! Even though a lot of us went to SFSU together, share a lot of mutual friends, and have been friends on facebook for well over a year now, none of us can remember if we’ve ever met before, at State or since. Not surprising since I was a super shy wallflower, especially my Freshman year when I would have crossed paths with most of them. Over the past year and a half I’ve grown to really adore Emily Lou and Gabriel Diani. They are the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet.

Director and Producer Emily Lou:

Writer, Producer and Star Gabriel Diani:

Danielle can’t stop talking about how talented Gabriel is.

Love this picture

Producer and Star Etta Devine (I still think she has one of the greatest names ever):

Co-star Barry Bostwick (not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to meet Barry):

Star Jonathan Klein (we had a great conversation after the show about old school Disneyland. Totally random topic but super funny and awesome):

Co-star Simon Helberg (not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to meet Simon too):

Co-star Cole Stratton (who I hadn’t seen in YEARS, not since he was doing a comedy troupe thing and I went to see him perform with Trevor Morgan aka the kid from The Sixth Sense and Jurassic Park 3:

Co-star Janet Varney (another fellow SF Stater. I sat in on her Legend of Korra panel at San Diego Comic Con. It was right before the Firefly panel. She’s a super talented and funny lady):

After the film (which was even better than I’d remembered it being) they did a Q&A session:

We then headed next door to the Pig and Whistle to meet up with friend and comedian Chris Porter for some post-show refreshments:

I’m a fan of the Jager Bomb, which Danielle found fascinating. She decided that it needed to be recorded for posterity.

The above picture with Chris and Danielle shows me after two Jager Bombs. This is Danielle after one glass of water:

God, I love her. She cracks me up.

Now, I’m going to say this one more time. You need to see The Selling. It’s HI-larious, scary but not too scary, and impeccably put together. To say that I’m ridiculously proud of my fellow SF Staters would be the understatement of the year. You can also do Amazon Instant Video or find it on iTunes and a few other websites.

For more information, visit The Selling website.


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