HNG’s Music Video Debut – Lydia’s Libido “Like You”

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One of my male parental figures, Dean Minnerly aka Popi, is in a band called Lydia’s Libido based out of Ft. Worth, Texas and about a month ago they came to California for their “Kiss the Frog” tour. While they were in Los Angeles they decided to film a couple of music videos for the album and asked me if I was interested in being in one of them. Of course I said yes. Of course I had absolutely zero knowledge what the music video was going to be about.

Then two days before I’m set to drive up to LA with Mama Jedi I get a call from Dean.
Dean: “Do you own any vampire fangs?”
Me: “Uhhh…no…”
Dean: “Ok, I’ll pick you up a pair. See you soon!”
I probably should have thought that was a strange exchange. But we’re a strange family so I didn’t think much about it. The next day I get an email from guitarist Gary McGrath with the address of the shoot. I emailed him back asking what I should wear/pack.
Gary: “Dress like a vampire.”
Uh oh.
I packed most of the black/gothic-esque clothing I own which tends to lean more towards Badass Superhero than it does Horror and figured I’d let them decide what I was going to wear.
The next night Mama Jedi and I drove up to a tiny little LA apartment filled with music memorabilia and band gear. I’m introduced to the residents, band promoter and host of LA Rocks, Red Beard and his wife, Epiphany.
At this point I still know nothing about the story line of this music video, just that it involves vampires.
Me: “So, what’s this music video about?”
Gary: “You and Epiphany are going to seduce (lead singer) Olivia in this bed on these satin sheets.”
Me: (awkward pause)  “……….Dean did inform you that I’m a tomboy and I’m really, really awful at being sexy….right?”
Gary: (laughs) “You’ll do fine!”
He then proceeded to point to the skin-tight pleather leggings and the black corset in my suitcase and said “wear those.”
We spent the next half hour trying to figure out how to get the vampire fangs to mold to our teeth so that we could pop them on and off. I never really did figure it out and if you look closely, the left one is cocked off to the side a bit. Because I’m a huge dork.
This is about the time that I’m told Epiphany is a porn star and a contortionist. I’m officially fascinated. I have never met a porn star before. She turns out to be a little kooky but very, very sweet. And shocker of all shockers, she’s about 100 million billion times better at being sexy than I am and completely fearless. I am NOT completely fearless. I decided to suck it up (hee hee hee) and went for it, being as sexy as I possibly could (which really isn’t saying much). Being the extremely awkward person that I am, I was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh in between takes. Hopefully that was a good thing.
Aaaaaaand here’s the end result. Pretty much everyone who knows me personally has laughed out loud for real the first time I show up on screen. Because I’m a huge dork.
Full disclosure: if you work in an uptight office, this is mildly NSFW. Very mildly. Enjoy!
So there you go, my music video debut! I must say, the music video turned out ah-mazing. I never would have guessed it would be the end product based on how it was filmed. I’ve never been on a music video set before so the fact that everyone was talking and not being mindful of noise was mind-blowing to me (I was a theatre major and silence during shows or on a film set is paramount). However, I hovered behind the cinematographer while he was filming at times and the shots he was getting were incredible.
If you want to see something completely different and really, really fun (seriously, I LOVE this one), here’s another one of their recent music videos:
To check out more of Lydia’s Libido…they just took the tour to Las Vegas…go here:
Thanks to Dean, Gary, Olivia, Andy, and Shawn for letting me dork it up in their music video and to Mama Jedi and everyone else who helped and who made me feel just slightly more comfortable because the gods know I was REALLY uncomfortable. Hopefully I faked it pretty well 


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